Fine Food of Margaret River & Margaret River Jam Co

Pasta (fine foods of mr 2)Business: Fine Food of Margaret River &
Margaret River Jam Co
Owner: Romano and Alison Rotelli
Address: 18 Friesian St, Cowaramup WA 6284
PO Box 1532 Margaret River WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9755 5511

Pasta (fine food of mr 3)A wide range of authentic handmade Italian pasta to complete your fresh food shopping at Margaret River Farmers’ Market.



Lotus Blue

20140404_030428580_iOSBusiness: Lotus Blue
Owner: Natalie McGrath & Eric Brahim
Address: 6 McKeown Place Margaret River
Ph: (08) 9758 7497
Mobile: 0448 830 433
FB: lotusblue

IMG_0814Lotus Blue is founded upon the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga – sister sciences tracing back 5000 years to the Vedic system in India. Yoga is the science of self realisation and Ayurveda is the knowledge of life.

20140404_030827390_iOSWe are a family owned company based in Margaret River founded upon a deep inspiration and positive intention to share good health. Our products are handcrafted and are made with love in small batches.

Turmeric GheeOur product range includes Ghee and Infused Ghee, Ayurvedic Chai and Herbal Tea, our very unique and special Spice Churna blends and as a healthy treat Ayurvedic Raw Chocolate.

We believe in providing our customers with the tools to practice Ayurveda in the kitchen to maintain digestive balance and thus to optimise wellbeing. We continue to strive to incorporate both ancient and emerging science into the development of our products. We source only completely natural ingredients, where possible organic and local. We also aim to minimise our ecological footprint and will continue to adopt measures to this effect.



The Western Herbalist

WestHerbjarsBusiness Name: The Western Herbalist
Owners Names:
Caitlin Johnston, and Gary James
Mobile: 0404 397 890
Address: 72 Townview Tce, Margaret River, 6285

At The Western Herbalist we hand manufacture herbal tinctures using 90 percent organic herbs. The herbs soak for up to five years and are then blended into tonics. Our range consists of pre-mixed tonics or we can create you a tonic for your individual needs . Our dispensary contains 150 different herbs.

Herbs can be used to increase energy, improve digestion, balance hormones and treat a range of ailments.With a background in Western and Eastern herbal medicine we work with the seasons and believe in treating the cause as well as the symptom. If you haven’t tried herbs before come and see us at the markets for a free sample every Saturday.

Guilt Free Foodie

Profile ImageBusiness: Guilt Free Foodie
Owner: Val & Eddie
Ph: 0416 132 265

Guilt Free Foodie….Good for you & the planet!

Guilt free Foodie is a small catering company based in Margaret River, WA.  You can find us making delicious, healthy meals and treats at the Margaret River Farmer’s Market. We also cater for private parties & yoga retreats and offer cooking classes. Our food embraces a whole food philosophy.

Wherever possible we source local & organic produce, including from our own backyard.

Our menu’s are all about creativity and we can cater to dietary requirements and taste preferences. Guilt Free Foodie makes food with soul but it won’t cost you the earth!

Enquiries are welcome.

Val & Eddie – the Guilt Free Foodies.


Pecans WA


Business: Pecans WA
Owners: Cheryl & Bernie Rochester
Address: 8 Derby Rd, Collie, WA, 6225
Ph: (08) 97341309

Burnside Organic Farm


Business: Burnside Organic Farm
Owner: Lara & Jamie McCall
Address: Burnside Rd, Margaret River, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 2139


Certified Biodynamic with Organic Growers Association, Burnside is a mixed intensive farm growing; Avocados, olives, Zinfandel grapes, macadamias, capers, fruit trees and vegetables.  Dexter cattle, sheep, chickens and geese are an important part of the system, rotated throughout the crops and providing meat. Firstly the McCall family aim to be self-sufficient, secondly excess produce is sold locally in Margaret River. So you too can enjoy eating locally grown, nutritionally dense organic food. We are proud of the quality produce we grow and farm visits are available by appointment.

Burnside also has four lovely holiday bungalows so you too can experience a working organic farm and pick dinner from the garden. Book online now.


Food & Products



The only certified biodynamic capers in Margaret River. The capers are the unopened flower bud.  Hand picked weekly throughout summer, sorted and packed in WA sea salt. The taste is unique, delicious and almost buttery. Very different to imported capers in vinegar.

Available from June each year and they sell out quickly.


Certified Biodynamic Hass avocados.  Our avocados are large and creamy tasting.  They thrive with heavy mulching, compost and lots of water. Chickens and geese keep down the grass around the trees.  Hand picked from October to December, they are then sorted into sizes.  Did you know an Avocado only ripens once picked?  Hass avocados turn black as they ripen.  Supermarket avocados are sprayed to fasten ripening and hence they are black and bruised from other shoppers squeezing them.  We suggest you buy avocados weekly and ripen them yourself. We mainly sell unripe/green avocados for this reason.  For ripe avocados please order in advance.

Available at the  Margaret River Farmers Markets or purchase at Station Rd Greengrocers – October – December only.


The only certified biodynamic macadamias in Margaret River.  No other macadamias compare to the taste of freshly picked and cracked macadamias.  We dehusk, dry, crack and roast our macadamias on site, the nuts are sold farm fresh to the customer. Being a winter crop the nuts must dry out before cracking and are usually only available in summer.

Sold in shell, cracked raw and roasted, exclusively at the Margaret River Farmers Market.

Grazing Geese Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino olives were pressed at a local press in autumn. The fruit was hand picked from our certified biodynamic grove. The oil has a complex, pungent, grassy flavour with a peppery aftertaste. The flavour and health characteristics are best appreciated as a fresh young oil.  Our  olives receive lots of compost and mulch and thrive on the biodiversity of  life in our naturally enriched soil.   Our flock of geese graze all day, eating the grass under the trees and providing natural fertilizer.  The trees enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Margaret River. Mild summers and wet winters.

Also available at The Larder, Blue Ginger &  IGA in Margaret River or phone for a delivery.


Burnside Organic Farm Biodynamic Eggs

The only Certified Biodynamic eggs in Margaret River.  The chickens are rotated through different areas on our farm, eating green pasture and certified biodynamic grain. This allows them to produce eggs naturally full of omega 3’s as well as providing beautiful yellow yolk eggs.  The chickens are an integrated part of the farm, weeding and fertilizing the orchard, avocados and vineyard.

Available at  Station Road Greengrocers, Margaret River and sometimes at the markets in summer.


Three Boys Zinfandel Wine

Our biodynamically certified vineyard was planted in 2001. The unirrigated vines are close planted on lyre trellis in red gravelly loam soils.  The grapes are picked at perfect ripeness, open fermented in small vats and aged in a mix of old and new American oak barrels.  Malolatic fermentation takes place in the barrels. Minimal sulphur is added at bottling.

Our zinfandel is a full bodied wine with rich berry flavours with a hint of spice and vanilla.  Drink now or cellar for up to seven years.  Enjoy with aged cheeses, prosciutto, tomato based or meat dishes.

Zinfandel originated in Puglia, Southern Italy, where it is known as Primitivo.  The Puglian climate is similar to that of Margaret River. Dry warm summers and wet cool winters with a moderating maritime influence.

2008 Vintage – Medium bodied with lovely red berry flavours, touch a spice and chocolate.

Buy wine online now

Also available at The Settlers Tavern & Must, Margaret River.

Cellar sales and tours available by appointment.  Ph 08 9757 2139.

Tapalinga Homestead


Business: Tapalinga Homestead
Owners: Greg and Judith Byrne
Address: PO Box 324, Cowaramup, WA 6284
Ph: (08) 9755 5662
Mobile: 0412 427 243


Fresh avocados, macadamia nuts & free range eggs.

Greg and Judith Byrne produce superb extra large avocados grown without sprays: also macadamia nuts and free range eggs.

These are available from IGA Margaret River, Station Road Greengrocers and Cowaramup Country Store from December to May. Also Available direct from the farm at normal retail prices by appointment only.


Spray Free Local Avocados November to May


  • Hass
  • Lamb Hass
  • Fuerte
  • Reed
  • Ettinger
  • Sharwill

Macadamia Nuts October to February

Varieties 246, 816, 849, A4, A16, H2

500 gram packets of kernels or nuts in 1 kilo bags

Pretsel Vineyard Walnuts


Business: Pretsel Vineyard Walnuts


Pretsel Vineyard was established in 1997 by Andrew and Bettina Pretsel. Particularly interested in the influence of terroir on the quality of wine, great effort was taken to find the perfect place to grow perfect wine grapes. Their search led them to a beautiful property north-west of Manjimup, opposite the Yanmah State Forest and surrounded on all other sides by picturesque farms. In a unique micro-climate created by the forest and gently undulating north-facing slopes with a generous supply of pristine water from the Ephraim Brook, the site was a text-book perfect discovery for growing winegrapes and many other gourmet products. Pretsel Vineyard has produced pleasing results for the last decade with all the wine grapes being blended into wine for an iconic Margaret River Winery.

Conscious Craves

Business: Conscious Craves- Raw, Gluten & Guilt Free foods
Owners: Kylie Meeks & Claire Bevilacqua Mobile: 0412 208 457
Email: Web:

Conscious Craves was created by a young Californian girl by the name of Kylie Meeks and Professional Surfer Claire Bevilacqua. It is Raw, Gluten and Guilt free foods made by hand in the heart of Yallingup Western Australia.

Conscious Craves’ main focus is to feed people simple nutrition through pure, live and fresh foods.   Kylie and Claire truly believe that a simple diet consisting of mainly a variety of raw vegetarian organic foods can keep the body, mind and spirit clean for life!   The term “Raw” simply means that the foods have not been denatured in any way, preserving all vitamins, enzymes and minerals naturally found in all living foods so that way your body is getting a sufficient amount of nutrients to keep you fit and healthy.   Aiming to use organic and local ingredients as much as possible their creations are pure delight.   They also highly believe in supporting their local community and their local farmers attending Margaret River Farmers Market on a weekly basis.

Products at Farmers Market

– Grawnola (Activated) 250g or bulk by the kg, made with fresh local WA pecans, Buckwheat and sweetened with dates Seed Crackers- Curry, Italian or Plain

– Chocolate Macaroons made with some of the worlds finest raw cacoa and sweetened with local honey

– Acai-Vanilla Macaroons made with the amazing nutrition packed superfood “Acai Berry” from the rain forests of Brazil and sweetened with local honey

– Muesli Mountain Cookies for the muesli bar or energy bar lovers. Sweetened with local honey and dates (Claire can surf 4 hours on 2 cookies!)

– Raw Cakes by the slice or whole upon request. Carrot cake, Avocado Mousse Pie, Key Lime Mousse pie and different varieties of Cheesecakes

– Ky’s Semi-Famous Raw Pizza by the slice or whole upon request. Made on a Seed and vege base topped with creamy pesto and fresh local veggies

– Dips and Salsas are usually available as well