Cape Flora Estate

IMG_1271Owner: Pam and Tony Small
Business: Cape Flora Estate
Address: 16 Hayes Road,
Quindalup, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9755 1147
Mobile: 0400 630 429

Owners Pam and Tony Small have been growing Proteas for 14 years. At the market, bunches are sold with mixed product ready to give as a gift or to brighten your home.

Cape Flora Estate 2Flowers are available from March to November and vary according to the weather. Special occasions can be catered for with small gift boxes, pottery vases with posies, table centerpieces and arrangements. Flowers can be purchased at reasonable prices to do your own thing for weddings, funerals, birthdays etc.

2 Dogs Garden Produce

IMG_1031Business: 2 Dogs Garden Produce
Owner: Lee-Anne Gale
Address: 13076 Bussell Hwy, Augusta
Ph: 0438 584 514

Supplying herb and veggie seedlings ready for you to grow in your garden.

We also grow a small range of veggies and sell our surplus throughout the year. We grow the way you would grow at home, using no chemicals or sprays, just improving the soil. “The healthier your soil, the healthier your garden and plants will be”.

Oasis Hydroponics


Business: Oasis Hydroponics
Owner: Alan Hill
Mobile: (08) 97578117


Fresh is the best. Oasis Hydroponics has a large variety of herbs & lettuce.

Robyn’s Heritage Farm Seedlings


IMG_0750Business: Robyn’s Heritage Farm Seedlings
Owner: Robyn Beard
Address: 74 Genoli Rd, Dunsborough, WA 6282
Mobile: 0427 819 352


I use old traditional open pollinated verities of vegetable/herb seed, also known as heritage seed. The seeds are sourced from suppliers using organic or biodynamic practices. As a result the seedlings are hardy, more nutricous, more productive and taste way better. Old varities harvest over a longer period and produce viable seed enabling you to seed save.The seedlings are grown in certified organic potting mix and no chemicals are used.

Greens and particularly kale are on the list of 8 great super foods. All the greens such as herbs spinaches kales and asian greens are easy to grow, thereby saving you money at the supermarket. After the initial cost you can eat them every day for nothing. You will eat vegies that are grown in the natural elements,. All these environmental elements help boost the natural health-giving content of the plants.

Through media exposure we have become aware of the joy of growing our own vegetables. A vegie garden gives us a soft buffer against the increasingly technological world. We are all feeling the pull to grow our own food without chemicals, as did our forebearers.

By using no chemical pesticides, fungicides, weed poisons or synthectic fertilizers which damage our environment and health, we can make a difference to our countries sustainability and gain so much joy and satisfaction at the same time. It,s such a gentle, rewarding thing to walk into your garden and gather something every day to feed your family.

Mike Thompson’s Organic Garlic and Roses


Garlic & RosesBusiness: Mike Thompson- Greenman Produce
Owner: Mike Thompson
Mobile: 0488 999 166


Organic growers of gourmet garlic, heritage vegetables in season and perfumed roses.


Situated in the Osmington area in Margaret River, we are specialists in growing garlic and roses.
We grow our garlic as it was meant to be – planted in the autumn and harvested in summer.
Our roses are all heritage and chosen for the perfume and beauty.
We also grow shallots, many varieties of tomatoes and different beetroots.

NASAA Certified – Reg. No. 6325


Garlic & RosesGarlic & RosesGarlic & Roses