Absolute Biltong

Front-of-wrapper-croppedBusiness Name: Absolute Biltong & Jerky
Owners Names: Peter & Gail Jaremczuk
Address: 974 Vasse Yallingup Siding Rd.,
Quindalup, Western Australia
Mobile: 0439 573 837 
Email: info@absolutebiltong.com.au

We are a family, on farm operated business located at Dunsborough (Quindalup) in the gateway to the Margaret River wine Region in the South West of Western Australia.

The beef used is local, grass fed, MSA graded, NON HALAL and free of antibiotics. We try and supply as much as possible Gluten Free products. We cryovac all our dried meats to capture and lock in that freshness and flavour.

Pete and Gail Jaremczuk look forward to you ‘Savouring the Flavour’ of our Absolute Biltong and Jerky range.

The Farm House

Business: The Farm House
Address: 5962 Caves Road, Margaret River, WA 6285
Phone: (08) 9757 9684
Fax: (08) 9757 9176


Traditional method butchery. Modern flavours. BIG RED Pork (free range), Arkady Lamb (grass fed). McHenry Hohnen Wines.

BIG RED Pork, Arkady Lamb. Grass-fed, Highly Nutritious, Local Quality Meats from our family to yours. Complimented by McHenry Hohnen Wines.

Farmer Dave says…

“The retail side of our business has closed for the winter. But the butchery, smoker and small goods making continue in earnest as we build our wholesale business and reconfigure to open when the sun shines in more ways than one.

All of our meat and small goods are available at the Margaret River Farmers Market. We look forward to seeing you there!”

The Farm House is heading in new and exciting directions.

Our quality, free range products, with their amazing new flavours, are being snatched up by some of WA’s best chefs!

Our beautiful Arkady Lamb & BIG RED Pork can be found on the menus of Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill (Perth), Cape Lodge, Palmer Wines, Cullen Wines, Voyager Estate, Leeuwin Estate & Must Margaret River to name a few.*

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*Also at: Bunker Bay Cafe, Blue Ginger, The Urban Bean, Winos, Gnarabar, Morries, Settlers Tavern & Flametree Winery. Plus Kingsley’s Steakhouse (Sydney).

Arkady Farm is located in the valley of the Chapman Brook at Rosa Glen in the Margaret River region.

The farming operation is centered on a flock of ewes producing lambs that are sold to local restaurants and the family’s farm shop ‘McHenry’s’ on Caves road.

The breed of sheep is Wiltshire, named after the county in England from where they originated. The breed’s forebears predate Roman occupation and to this day retain close genetic links to the original wild sheep of Europe. Evidence of this is the habit of shedding their wool in spring. It follows that selection over thousands of years has been on the basis of meat quality.

Arkady Farm is unique in WA for grazing lambs through the summer months on irrigated pasture, replicating the pastures of their homeland. It ensures that the ratio of omega-3 oils within the meat is far superior to that of lambs fed on grain supplements, which is the common practice in Australia’s dry summer months.

These ewes also play an essential role in our vineyards whereby autumn and winter grazing completes nature’s nitrogen cycle, allowing for the vineyards to be farmed without artificial inputs.

Arkady Farm is much more than a brand. It is a guarantee that the animals were raised on a single farm, is of the Wiltshire breed and has been fed on green pastures and with respectful treatment to the animals.


Jarrahdene pigs are raised on a farm in the headwaters of the McLeod Creek, south of Witchcliffe in the Margaret River region.

The herd is a composite breed, predominantly Tamworth, with Berkshire, Duroc and Large White in the mix. The essential qualities of the herd are hardiness, good temperament, a thick coat (for the winter months) and succulent meat.

Sows live in families of three to four breeders that are free ranging in the creek lines, grasslands and woodlands of the farm. Boars range with the sows and at the time of farrowing, the sows will build a nest in a secluded and dry place, usually under a large peppermint tree. Litters average eight and a sow will bear two litters per year, very much in line with wild pigs.

These pigs are unique among most free range pigs in that they feed within their range on grasses, roots and grubs. At the end of each day they are fed freshly ground legumes and grains. Their natural diet is obvious in the dark red colour of the meat.

Jarrahdene is as close to a wild pig as you can get. Our brand guarantees that the pigs are from a single farm and raised with the respect and care that any animal deserves.

Koonac Goats


Business: Koonac Goats
Owners: Andreas Frutiger & Sonja Gammeter
Address: PO Box 1306, Margaret River, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 4180
Email: info@koonac.com.au
Web: www.koonac.com.au



Our philosophy is to raise happy & healthy animals which are easy to handle and require only a minimum of care. They live on natural pasture and fodder shrubs on our farm in Rosa Brook, and are supplemented with meadow hay and lupin seeds, if required. At the Farmers Markets in Margaret River, we can only sell our goat meat and sausages only frozen, please contact us for fresh product.

Margaret River Free Range Eggs

Website: www.margaretrivereggs.com.au
Business: Margaret River Free Range Eggs
Owners: Kim & Jan Harwood
Address: PO Box 567, Margaret River, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 9559
Email: kimharwood@iinet.net.au


We believe that everything a hen does affects her, and the egg she lays.  Our girls can forage in the sunshine everyday for grass and other goodies.

Their feed is a mixture of crushed grains that is free from hormones and antibiotics. Yolk colour is natural, derived from grass, carrots, marigolds, capsicum and pure unadulterated sunshine.

At Margaret River Free Range Eggs we continually strive to improve our business and the welfare of the hens.

For that we have been recognised with numerous industry awards, but most importantly by you, our customers choosing our eggs.

Eggs are nature’s wonder food and naturally good for you. Our eggs are goodness naturally.

Margaret River Free Range Chorizo is the only free range chicken in Australia!

Chorizo is Spanish for sausage and although here in Australia you may be used to a pork or beef variety you will be amazed at the beautiful flavour a free range chicken can bring to this culinary icon.

You can eat it as is in salads or antipasti or heat gently to enhance its flavour. Adding our chorizo to any cooking such as pasta or rice will bring out its smoky garlic and paprika flavours.

Available at the Farmers Market, Blue Ginger or IGA in Margaret River and Herdsman Fresh Essentials, Fresh Provisions and most Super IGA’s in Perth.


Agonis Ridge Organic


Business: Agonis Ridge Organic
Owners: Michael & Bev Pimm
Address: 81 Barrett Rd, Rosa Brook, WA 6285
Ph: 08 9757 4525
Email: agonis@bluemaxx.com.au


Our Farm

Agonis Ridge is a 400 acre mixed farm located at 81-175 Barrett Road Rosa Brook. Certified organic by NASAA since 2002.


Mission Statement

We farm with the belief that we are the present caretakers of our land and that as such we must endeavour to use practices that will set foundations from which future generations can go forward. This belief is embraced within the Organic Standards to which we adhere.

Our marketing philosophy is to only offer our customers produce of excellence which has been exclusively reared or grown on our farm in a humane and ethical manner and at a price which is a fair and reasonable return for our effort.


Olive oil

Our 1200 tree olive grove grows on a deep gravel/ironstone soil type which consistently produces robust intense flavoured oils. Depending on seasonal variations annual production is between 1000 & 3000 litres, all of which is processed on farm in the purpose built processing facility. As well as extra virgin oil, Agonis Ridge is renown for its Orange Agrumato fruit pressed Olive Oil.



Grass-fed beef is sourced from our herd of Murray Grey breeders which free range on organic pastures. Animals are transported to the certified organic abattoir in our purpose built trailer ensuring minimal stress which is reflected in a quality eating experience. All our beef is MSA graded to verify consistent product quality.



Lamb is sourced exclusively from the commercial arm of our Wiltipoll Sheep stud. As with our beef animals lambs are humanely transported to the certified organic abattoir in our own trailer. Due to the Wiltipoll breed having a winter breeding trait our lamb is subject to seasonal availability.