Cape Grace Wines

image002Business: Cape Grace Wines
Owner: Robert & Karen Karri-Davies
Address: 281 Fifty One Road,
Cowaramup WA 6284

Ph: (08) 9755 5669

Karen & Rob Portrait Cape GraceThe Cape Grace vineyard was planted in 1996 by Robert and Karen Karri-Davies whose family have been part of the south west since 1875. Robert is a great grandson of timber baron M.C. Davies who built the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse and was a founder of Margaret River.

Guinea Fowl in vineyard Cape GraceCape Grace Wines is located on the headwaters of the Wilyabrup Valley in a natural bush setting. The wines have earned an impressive array of medals, reviews and followers. Cape Grace ‘Single Vineyard Wines’ are generous with the flavour and character of Margaret River

Wines are limited in production and made on the premises. Traditional wine making is used, with the reds hand plunged and basket pressed. Wines in the range include the Cape Grace flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, a limited release Cabernet Franc, an elegant Shiraz, a luscious Cabernet Shiraz, a complex wood aged Chardonnay, a dry Chenin Blanc and a delicious Cane Cut Chenin Blanc dessert wine.

Discover one of Margaret River’s ‘great little wineries’ during your visit. Meet Robert or Karen at the cellar door, enjoy the handcrafted single vineyard wines while getting an insight into Cape Grace Wines which will complete your authentic Margaret River experience.

Treeton Estate Pty Ltd

image003Business: Treeton Estate Pty Ltd
Owner: David McGowan
Address: 163 North Treeton Rd, Cowaramup WA 6284
Ph: (08) 9755 5481
FB: Estate

image002Treeton Estate Winery occupies a superb location in the heart of the famous Margaret River wine growing region, noted for its maritime climate, fine soils and long ripening season. Treeton Estate wines are carefully handcrafted to achieve distinct varietal characteristics and consistently fine quality.  We are open 11am to 5pm daily, and you are welcome to bring a picnic.

An extraordinary pioneering lifestyle has lead vigneron winemaker David McGowan to create Treeton Estate in the Margaret River Wine Region. From his open fishing smack at the tender age of 18 he aimed into the wild blue sea and started on a lifetime of adventure. Cray fishing at Mullaloo, north of Perth, in the 60′s. Later being landed on a beach to dredge a new harbor, King Bay, now known as Dampier. Surviving turtle fishing days along the north west coast of Western Australia. The fisherman later became head of the School of Maritime Studies at Fremantle TAFE. Red wine on cold nights around warm beach fires with like minded WA fishing families and a trip through Europe where he picked grapes for a season in France began his research into wine and the wine industry.

David purchased the Cowaramup property from a dairy farming family in 1982. After being granted permission from existing Margaret River wineries to source cuttings, the first grapevines were propagated in 1983 and Treeton Estate was anchors aweigh. Friends and family helped plant out the cuttings in 1986 and the first bottle of wine was Shiraz 1991. That year the vines produced 6 tonnes of fruit. The vineyard now produces around 50 tonnes of fruit per vintage. The first vines are now 30 year old dry grown Shiraz and Chardonnay. David and his wife Corinne moved to the South West from Fremantle in 1992. lt was an easy transition after having met local families and friends over the preceding years. In those transit years all available holidays and weekends were spent on the development of the project. David’s niece Helen and her husband John entered into partnership in mid 2008 forming Treeton Estate Pty Ltd.

At this time, there are 17acres of vines planted around a perfectly frost free hill. In the early days David learned the winemaking process by working the first two vintages alongside the contracted winemaker.
From the third vintage onwards he took advice from consultants and has developed his winemaking style. Today Treeton Estate wines continue to win gold, silver and bronze medals from wine shows throughout Australia. The cellar door at Treeton Estate opened in 1993 and you are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy with a fine bottle of wine. A beautiful rustic Australian setting defines the tasting area featuring jarrah and redgum tables with views over the vineyard and forested surroundings.

Treeton Estate is on North Treeton Road. Open daily from 11 am to 5pm, visitors get to see the winery in action if, racking wine from barrels, or bottling, is happening at the time of their visit. Treeton Estate Shiraz is the flagship wine with fruity mulberry characters. Treeton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon has big cherry flavours with a subtle oak background. Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc are the white wines and the Rose and Special Blend Port have also found a following. The wines all display unique fruity characters. Come in and taste the difference. You are always very welcome at Treeton Estate.

Rocky Ponds

Business: RD and FA Dossor
Owner: Richard Dossor and Felicity Dossor
Address: 940 Bramley River Road, Osmington. WA. 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 4276
Mobile: 0417 505 618 

Richard and Felicity Dossor operate a small farm next to the Margaret River at Osmington, about 20km east of Margaret River town. The farm produces citrus (mandarins, lemons, limes), avocados, asparagus, table grapes (Dawn Seedless and Marroo) and wine under the Rocky Ponds label (Shiraz and Viognier). New varieties of fruit including persimmons and figs are under trial. All of our produce is available at the Margaret River Farmers Market when in season.

The Berry Farm

The Berry Farm quinceBusiness: The Berry Farm
Owner: Michael Skvinis
Address: 43 Bessell Rd,
Rosa Glen WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 5054
Mobile: 0417 955 256 

Since 1986 The Berry Farm has been stirring the senses with a scrumptious range of preserves, jams, dressings, vinegars, ciders, fruit wines, sparkling wines, liqueurs and fortified wines. The farm also has a large orchard of stone fruit which is harvested for our jam, and 10 hectares of Haas Avocados. The avocado season usually runs from September to March.

The Berry Farm Cottage Café as it is known today was originally a group settler’s home circa 1925. Vera Vinall created the cottage gardens from 1946 – 1949 then known as Thornhill Farm. The property was purchased by the Lindsay Family in 1984 and The Berry Farm was born. The Cottage Café opened its doors in 1985 offering delicious morning/afternoon teas and country style lunches.

Since 2006, the farm has been owned and operated by Rebecca and Michael Skivinis, and with the help of many original staff members The Berry Farm continues to grow its reputation for making products of exceptionally high quality and the family have many exciting plans to further enhance the attractions and natural beauty of the property.


Blackwood Meadery


Business: Blackwood Meadery
Owner: Horst Bernhagen
Address: Brockman Hwy, Karridale, WA 6288
Ph:  08 9758 2332
Fax:  08 9758 2332

Blackwood Meadery is a new boutique winery specialising in Mead. Mead is wine made from honey rather than grapes and is the oldest fermented beverage known to man. It can be traced back at least 5,000 years dating back through antiquity to Nordic legends and non-mythological history. During these times the bee was held in high regard as honey was considered ‘the giver of life’, courage, strength and wisdom.

Burnside Organic Farm


Business: Burnside Organic Farm
Owner: Lara & Jamie McCall
Address: Burnside Rd, Margaret River, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 2139


Certified Biodynamic with Organic Growers Association, Burnside is a mixed intensive farm growing; Avocados, olives, Zinfandel grapes, macadamias, capers, fruit trees and vegetables.  Dexter cattle, sheep, chickens and geese are an important part of the system, rotated throughout the crops and providing meat. Firstly the McCall family aim to be self-sufficient, secondly excess produce is sold locally in Margaret River. So you too can enjoy eating locally grown, nutritionally dense organic food. We are proud of the quality produce we grow and farm visits are available by appointment.

Burnside also has four lovely holiday bungalows so you too can experience a working organic farm and pick dinner from the garden. Book online now.


Food & Products



The only certified biodynamic capers in Margaret River. The capers are the unopened flower bud.  Hand picked weekly throughout summer, sorted and packed in WA sea salt. The taste is unique, delicious and almost buttery. Very different to imported capers in vinegar.

Available from June each year and they sell out quickly.


Certified Biodynamic Hass avocados.  Our avocados are large and creamy tasting.  They thrive with heavy mulching, compost and lots of water. Chickens and geese keep down the grass around the trees.  Hand picked from October to December, they are then sorted into sizes.  Did you know an Avocado only ripens once picked?  Hass avocados turn black as they ripen.  Supermarket avocados are sprayed to fasten ripening and hence they are black and bruised from other shoppers squeezing them.  We suggest you buy avocados weekly and ripen them yourself. We mainly sell unripe/green avocados for this reason.  For ripe avocados please order in advance.

Available at the  Margaret River Farmers Markets or purchase at Station Rd Greengrocers – October – December only.


The only certified biodynamic macadamias in Margaret River.  No other macadamias compare to the taste of freshly picked and cracked macadamias.  We dehusk, dry, crack and roast our macadamias on site, the nuts are sold farm fresh to the customer. Being a winter crop the nuts must dry out before cracking and are usually only available in summer.

Sold in shell, cracked raw and roasted, exclusively at the Margaret River Farmers Market.

Grazing Geese Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino olives were pressed at a local press in autumn. The fruit was hand picked from our certified biodynamic grove. The oil has a complex, pungent, grassy flavour with a peppery aftertaste. The flavour and health characteristics are best appreciated as a fresh young oil.  Our  olives receive lots of compost and mulch and thrive on the biodiversity of  life in our naturally enriched soil.   Our flock of geese graze all day, eating the grass under the trees and providing natural fertilizer.  The trees enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Margaret River. Mild summers and wet winters.

Also available at The Larder, Blue Ginger &  IGA in Margaret River or phone for a delivery.


Burnside Organic Farm Biodynamic Eggs

The only Certified Biodynamic eggs in Margaret River.  The chickens are rotated through different areas on our farm, eating green pasture and certified biodynamic grain. This allows them to produce eggs naturally full of omega 3’s as well as providing beautiful yellow yolk eggs.  The chickens are an integrated part of the farm, weeding and fertilizing the orchard, avocados and vineyard.

Available at  Station Road Greengrocers, Margaret River and sometimes at the markets in summer.


Three Boys Zinfandel Wine

Our biodynamically certified vineyard was planted in 2001. The unirrigated vines are close planted on lyre trellis in red gravelly loam soils.  The grapes are picked at perfect ripeness, open fermented in small vats and aged in a mix of old and new American oak barrels.  Malolatic fermentation takes place in the barrels. Minimal sulphur is added at bottling.

Our zinfandel is a full bodied wine with rich berry flavours with a hint of spice and vanilla.  Drink now or cellar for up to seven years.  Enjoy with aged cheeses, prosciutto, tomato based or meat dishes.

Zinfandel originated in Puglia, Southern Italy, where it is known as Primitivo.  The Puglian climate is similar to that of Margaret River. Dry warm summers and wet cool winters with a moderating maritime influence.

2008 Vintage – Medium bodied with lovely red berry flavours, touch a spice and chocolate.

Buy wine online now

Also available at The Settlers Tavern & Must, Margaret River.

Cellar sales and tours available by appointment.  Ph 08 9757 2139.

Cape Farm Shop


Cape Farm Shop
Owner: John Thew
Address: PO Box 186 Yallingup 6281
Ph: (08) 9759 1934



A great array of condiments from local seasonal produce where possible.

All in abundance and therefore affordable.

Tomato chilli jam, Eggplant Kasundi, Vinocotto, Balsamic glazes, Verjuice…and more.


A Mixed Box of any 12 Special: Only $96 including delivery. Valued at $168.

1 Balsamic Glaze, 2 Caramalized Balsamic Salad dressings, 1 Orange vinegar, 1 Raspberry Vinegar, 2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 White Verjuice, 1 Prune in Vino Cotto, 1 Macadamia Pesto and 1 Eggplant Kasunda

Marjorie’s Place


Business: Marjorie’s Place
Owners: Mike & Kaye O’Connor
Address: 275 Barrett Rd, Rosa Brook, WA 6285
Ph: 0448 446 882


Marjorie’s Place, in the heart of the great Rosa Brook wine area, east of Margaret River town, is a small boutique vineyard where every vine is lovingly cared for with a view to producing high quality grapes and wine.

The wine has been made for us by a prominent Local Winemaker and the process has included over 12 months in French oak barrels (20% new French oak).

The wine exhibits the black currant and cherry flavours, characteristic of this fine wine growing area of the Margaret River region, and is expected to have considerable longevity.



Marjorie’s FoxX Hatt CaBernet 2008

It is a well known fact that many of the top wine awards in our wine shows go to smaller Boutique Vineyards. This is possibly because smaller producers can control all aspects of the development of the vines with attention to detail that is more difficult with broad acre viticulture.

Each vine can be given attention and when handpicked as is the case at Marjorie’s Place, only the best bunches of grapes are taken and the process is much gentler than when the fruit is machine harvested.

These reds were picked in early April 2009 and spent over 12 months in oak (20% new French Oak) before bottling.

They are very drinkable now but also display sufficient evidence of tannins to give expectation of considerable longevity.












“Marjorie”, the inspiration for the development and
naming of the property, is Kaye’s mother.

Our label depicts Marge on her wedding day, 1937.

McHenry Hohnen Wines


Business: McHenry Hohnen Wines