Fre Jac BakeryBusiness: Fre-Jac French Bakery
Owner: Jean Marie Jacob &
Roselyne Fremont
Address: 14 Burler Drive,
Unit 3 Vasse WA 6280
Phone: 08 9755 0304
Mobile: 0427 833 885

Fre-Jac 3 (his website)Authentic French Bakery and Patisserie – Fre-Jac French Bakery can be found at Margaret River Farmers’ Market each Saturday.


You will be able to choose from their freshly baked goods, made from genuine French ingredients and contain no preservatives.

  • baguettes ‘Parisian and Sourdough’
  • filled croissants
  • tarts
  • croque monsieur
  • pains speciaux
  • chocolate twists
  • apricot Danish
  • sandwiches
  • cold drinks

If you miss us at the market, Fre-Jac French Bakery is open Thursdays and Fridays from 8.00am, so wander in to pick up something special for your breakfast or lunch when you are next in Vasse.