Edible Art

941887_509194219128803_264866109_nBusiness: Edible Art
Owner: Carmelo, and
Tracy Bonanno
Address: 4/8 Owen
Tucker Lane,
Margaret River
Ph: (08) 9757 6024
Mobile: 0421 326 856
Email: cakes@edibleart.com.au
Web: edibleart.com.au
FB: facebook/edibleart

Edible Art wedding cakes, cup cakes, birthday and celebration cakes, desserts, pastries and artisan bread rolls.

We would love to tell you how wonderful our goodies are, however we will simply let our cakes do all the talking. We are not at the Margaret river farmers markets every week, therefore our facebook page will advise you of when we will be attending.

While our website is under construction, you can still view images on our gallery page and please feel free to contact us with your enquiries.  Below is a small sample:

I Pasticcioni

I Pasticcioni 3Business: I Pasticcioni
Owner: Claudia Tallarico &
Filomena Spiriticchio

Address: Margaret River
Mobile: 0423 047 935
Phone: (08)9755 8275
Email: c.tallarico@hotmail.com
Web: ipasticcioni.com.au
Facebook: ipasticcioni

I’m Claudio Tallarico (Italian Chef). I live in Australia near Margaret River. I produce typical Italian Biscuits and more…

Italy is comprised of 20 regions, each producing its own culinary treasures. In this case, each biscuit has a story behind it and influences Italy`s culture, traditions and knowledge.For example, the Krumiri were first invented by King Vittorio Emanuele`s chef who in his honour shaped them as the king`s moustache. Now they are one of Torino`s most famous and wanted biscuits.

The Brutti ma Buoni (Ugly but nice) where first made in 1878 when by mistake, a baker dropped crushed hazelnuts in meringue. By this simple mistake he created his own fortune which influenced italy`s history and culinary knowledge.

I Pasticcioni 1The Ricciarelli from Siena are known as the king of the Italian biscuits. According to legend, Ricciardetto della Gherardesca of Siena in the XIV century was the person to introduce these sweets in his castle near Volterra after his return from the Crusades. The name “ricciarello” seems to derive from the original curled shape of the sultan`s slippers he had seen in the Holy Land.

· Cantucci · Assabesi · Ungheresi · Amaretti Sardi · Napoletani
· Chiacchere · Cannoli · Ciambelle Romane · Ossa da Mordere

I Pasticcioni 2These are just a few of the many biscuits that we produce. Our intention is to produce every biscuit Italy has to offer with the same care and love that our mothers and grandmothers used to make them. Our biscuits are made from the freshest ingredients and don`t contain any types of additives and artificial colourings as we want people to experience the real taste of Italy`s own biscuits.




Fre Jac BakeryBusiness: Fre-Jac French Bakery
Owner: Jean Marie Jacob &
Roselyne Fremont
Address: 14 Burler Drive,
Unit 3 Vasse WA 6280
Phone: 08 9755 0304
Mobile: 0427 833 885
E-mail: fremont6@bigpond.com
Web: fre-jacbakery.com.au

Fre-Jac 3 (his website)Authentic French Bakery and Patisserie – Fre-Jac French Bakery can be found at Margaret River Farmers’ Market each Saturday.


You will be able to choose from their freshly baked goods, made from genuine French ingredients and contain no preservatives.

  • baguettes ‘Parisian and Sourdough’
  • filled croissants
  • tarts
  • croque monsieur
  • pains speciaux
  • chocolate twists
  • apricot Danish
  • sandwiches
  • cold drinks

If you miss us at the market, Fre-Jac French Bakery is open Thursdays and Fridays from 8.00am, so wander in to pick up something special for your breakfast or lunch when you are next in Vasse.


Margaret River Bakery


Business: Margaret River Bakery
Address: 89 Bussell Highway,
Margaret River, WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9757 2755


Open Monday -Saturday 7am – 4pm

A unique little cafe/bakery in the heart of Margaret river, helping to nourish hungry market nomads twice a month. Famous for our almond and chocolate croissants, warm sourdoughs and baguettes. Follow us on Facebook.

Yallingup Woodfired Bread


Yallingup Woodfired BreadBusiness: Yallingup Woodfired Bread
Owners: Gottard & Marion Bauer
Address: PO Box 45, Yallingup, WA 6282
Ph: 08 9756 6306
Mobile: 0439 388 707
Email: marionbauer@southernphone.com.au

Forest Grove Olive Farm

IMG_0244 IMG_0242 IMG_0241 

Business: Forest Grove Olive Farm Owners: James, Jill & Tony Ph: (08) 9757 6428 Email: antony.james@bigpond.com