Cape Farm Shop

Cape Farm ShopBusiness: Cape Farm Shop
Owner: John Thew
Address: PO Box 186 Yallingup 6281
Ph: (08) 9759 1934

A great array of condiments from local seasonal produce where possible. All in abundance and therefore affordable.
Tomato chilli jam, Eggplant Kasundi, Vinocotto, Balsamic glazes, Verjuice…and more.


A Mixed Box of any 12 Special: Only $96 including delivery. Valued at $168.

1 Balsamic Glaze, 2 Caramalized Balsamic Salad dressings, 1 Orange vinegar, 1 Raspberry Vinegar, 2 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 White Verjuice, 1 Prune in Vino Cotto, 1 Macadamia Pesto and 1 Eggplant Kasunda