Edible Art

941887_509194219128803_264866109_nBusiness: Edible Art
Owner: Carmelo, and
Tracy Bonanno
Address: 4/8 Owen
Tucker Lane,
Margaret River
Ph: (08) 9757 6024
Mobile: 0421 326 856
Email: cakes@edibleart.com.au
Web: edibleart.com.au
FB: facebook/edibleart

Edible Art wedding cakes, cup cakes, birthday and celebration cakes, desserts, pastries and artisan bread rolls.

We would love to tell you how wonderful our goodies are, however we will simply let our cakes do all the talking. We are not at the Margaret river farmers markets every week, therefore our facebook page will advise you of when we will be attending.

While our website is under construction, you can still view images on our gallery page and please feel free to contact us with your enquiries.  Below is a small sample:

By Gordo

The Prospector R2

Business: By Gordo (local boutique wine)
Owner: Gordon Wilson
Address: 243 Barrett Rd Rosa Brook 6285
Ph: (08) 97579776
Mobile: 0459114248
Email: gordo@bygordo.com.au



Osmington Mill Garlic

Business: Osmington Mill GarlicOMG logo
Owners: Richard and Jeanette Smith
Address: 1472 Osmington Road,
Osmington WA 6285
Telephone: (08) 9757 4545
Mobile: 0488 066 072
Email: OsmingtonMill@bigpond.com
Web: OsmingtonMill.wix.com/garlic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOsmington Mill Garlic is a small family owned farm situated on the historic Osmington (Wood) Mill property about 20 km east of Margaret River.


74cb66_6061058a33c749b69fc676783d1fbd07.png_srz_p_356_261_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Osmington Mill Garlic grows and sells three styles of garlic: Purple Stripe, Californian White and Rojo. Each style has its own distinctive flavour and storage qualities.

OMG Garlic BraidsAlthough Osmington Mill Garlic does not currently have Organic Certification all our garlic is grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or sprays. As Richard says, “Our garlic is ‘Handmade’ as all of our garlic is hand planted, hand weeded and hand harvested.”

Heritage Preserves

Heritage Preserves JarsBusiness: Heritage Preserves
Owner:  Kerrie Purse & Kaye Hamersley
Address: 83 Yungarra Drive
Quedjinup.  WA. 6281
Mobile: 0408 485 972
Email: preserves@westnet.com.au
FB: heritagepreserves

Heritage Preserves evolved from a treasured collection of family recipes handed down through generations of a Western Australian pioneering family. We continuously strive to create for your enjoyment preserves that deliver  traditional quality and flavour.

Our delicious range of chutneys, relishes, pickles, jams, jellies and marmalades are handcrafted and home made in small batches from locally grown and sourced produce. At Heritage Preserves we continuously strive to create innovative products that have been developed from recipes handed down by generations of wonderful home cooks. Everything is produced naturally and contains no preservative or artificial colouring.

Come and see us at the Margaret River Farmers’ Market for exceptional gift ideas, or to sample our products. We know you won’t be disappointed. For your convenience we also offer a mail order service; contact us for an up to date product and price list.

Fine Food of Margaret River & Margaret River Jam Co

Pasta (fine foods of mr 2)Business: Fine Food of Margaret River &
Margaret River Jam Co
Owner: Romano and Alison Rotelli
Address: 18 Friesian St, Cowaramup WA 6284
PO Box 1532 Margaret River WA 6285
Ph: (08) 9755 5511
Email: romanoalison@westnet.com.au

Pasta (fine food of mr 3)A wide range of authentic handmade Italian pasta to complete your fresh food shopping at Margaret River Farmers’ Market.